Friday, January 21, 2011


I am designing a unit based around petroleum chemistry. It is new and exciting for me and tied into my work as a mudlogger in the oil fields of west Texas before becoming a teacher. I am brushing up on my organic chem and gathering resources. My goal is to start with the standards, design an appropriate assessment, then see what assignments fill in the gaps between.

I believe I have a lot of tools in my teaching tool belt that are not being utilized. I believe this next unit may be a good way to utilize these in a easy connect to the world of my students.

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  1. AWESOME. I always thought using our past "life" experiences (IE: What we did before teaching LOL) in the classroom was a great way to teach. I know that I always loved hearing about my teachers experiences (hands on) when I was a student. Some of the best lessons ever learned. :)